Do you miss life with old friends

Rajat Sharma

Ever wonder what happened to your old personal life once you started your professional life, what happened to all those friends, old memories which you cherished once, which made you feel alive, which made you feel you. We are here for you; yes we are talking about re-living your old life back. Thrilloax comes to you with a prospect to live crazy as you were before. We plan you enjoy, we put effort in planning. You make memories, we serve you.

Let us give you reasons to believe us when we say “Friends are another family”. First of all friends are the best travelling companions one could wish for…. They never make us feel alone or alienated or any other than a celebrity. For them we are flawless and fierce, This is time to make them see that we care for them…. Let us – you and we – plan a trip and surprise them for what we owe them, For how much we care for them. As travelling companions they are supportive & careful as a wolf pack. Wherever you go you are together. You become one. They know you the best. You share same liking and disliking for food and accommodation, they suit you. They are the one with whom you had your first night out, your first travelling experience in group, your first independent alone ‘king of the world’ feel. They are the one who convinced you to take your first vodka shot ever, with them you not only started a new life, you started an era of long lasting relation. Even now they care for you when you are in trouble.

While on a trip they get drunk with you, do things that you will not do sober; they make you feel alive. They don’t stop you for being you, they don’t judge you. As a travelling companion, they are good to go with you. If you are foodie then they don’t remark you, they order as much food you can so that you are happy, after all what are friends for, right? And not to mention they give the best hugs in the world. Making a friend means making a piece of our heart come alive breathing in front of us.

But can you do the same now when you are busy with your Job, life, career, maybe marriage proposals….We offer you a solution, we plan a trip for you. Tourepedia provides you a perfect range of packages and trips plans for you. We make your life easier, we make a memory come to reality again. There are unlimited numbers of trip we plan for you, just give us a date, time and your trust. We will make this happen. After all ‘It’s not about ideas, it’s about making them happen.’

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